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American Politics
Updated On: Apr 06, 2011

State of American Politics

Distain not Compromise


Welcome to America, it is the year 2011 and life in America should be the best of any place on Earth.

Wrong.  In today’s America politics has found a way to bring the world’s greatest nation to its knees, complete stall or facing one of the greatest challenges we the people have ever came up against.

Joblessness, high energy cost and the erosion of the American dream play leading roles in this drama we call life. Americans have faced tough times before and found innovative ways to rise up and meet the challenges we have faced. We the people have stood shoulder to shoulder, regardless of personal differences, to work together and find solutions to these problems. But wait, that sounds so simple but yet so brilliant this idea of “United We Stand and Divided We Fall” time proven and war tested.

Today we the people have to face many threats foreign and domestic, with present day domestic becoming a priority. I do not need to give details of Wall Street corruption, Bank Bailouts, Corporate Greed, CEO bonuses and probably the worst inept politicians. Yes I said it, so here we go, but wait before we start the bantering, yelling and finger pointing let’s just look at reality. Reality being no matter what we the voter wants it’s not what we get, bottom line it's because of the distain that has developed on Capitol Hill to State Houses, even down to Main street.   We can’t accomplish anything because of our differences. Distain is present on the faces of our Governors, Senators, and Representatives; just watch and see for yourself, this is not a partisan issue one way or the other it’s present on all sides. Republicans and Democrats stand divided nowhere close to any kind of compromise on the tough issues. Maybe lessons learned in our history have been forgotten? If so, are we destined to make the same mistakes?

So here we are today, with attacks on American Workers, The Middle class, and the American Dream. Attack is the correct word to use because this is an assault on workers everywhere not union only. Cutting budgets is easy to understand because everyone has a budget, but instead of working together to fix the problem, that feeling of distain for the other side, takes over and I’m right and your ALWAYS wrong comes out. Workers have been asked if they are willing to make concessions and the overwhelming response was yes, "as long as we the workers don’t make all the concessions” Sounds easy enough to me. Hold on though we are assuming that everybody wants to fix the problems……uh no not really. Ask the wealthy if they could pay more in taxes? Yeah right, good luck with that! Maybe ask a CEO to give some of his bonus to help fund growth or hire more workers? Holy cow man, you’ve gone mad?! Or try this one on for size, ask your representatives to stand up for what is fair and right? Sorry I’m going to just leave the F-bombs alone.

Do I have all the answers? Of course not. Can I fix the problems our great country faces? The answer is not alone. With this, I challenge you as an American to look at what is happening in our country for what it really is. Don’t get caught up in the same old tricks used every election, or during any issue vote.   Just remember we are ALL in this together.

We must Stand together and fix problems and not make your opposition the reason it doesn't get fixed and make villainous anyone that doesn’t share your views. This concept sounds easy and simple enough to me.


Article written byTeamsters Local 61 member, Phillip Brooks.


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