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Importance of Voting an article by Warren Dupree
Updated On: Nov 15, 2011

The Importance of United States Military Veterans Registering to Vote and Voting 

As a former member of the Armed Forces of this nation, and having served in both the republic of South Vietnam 1968-1969 and in the Persian Gulf War, Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm, I fell that I have fulfilled my military obligation to this great nation. These Unites States of America has given me in return for my service and sacrifice, and as a free citizen, the constitutional right to cast my one vote in all elections.   My one vote – with yours- will make the difference in the quality of life in this country.

I served in the United States Navy from 1967 to 1973, The United States Coast Guard Reserve from 1979-2000. While serving in the Reserves, I became employed with Unite Parcel Service (U.P.S) as a Package Car Driver, and have been a loyal dues paying member of the Teamster’s Local, 61, Sylva, North Carolina ever since.

I am committed to a lifelong mission to help keep this nation both strong and secure. The only way I can achieve that end by myself is to vote in every electoral process that I am registered to take part in. 

We Veterans must continue to lend a hand and get involved to help elect responsible political leadership. A Veteran’s obligation to contribute to our nations well being does not end with an honorable discharge from active duty. This commitment is a lifelong mission. In order for us to help keep our nation strong for future generations, we must exercise our constitutional right to vote.

If we as Veteran’s do not get involved and register to vote then we fail our nation, community and family but mostly we fail ourselves.   I took an oath to uphold and defend this nation, and that to me is a lifelong devotion. 

Your vote, your single vote, does count. It is more powerful than any weapon used in modern warfare. The power of ne single vote does change the day to day life we enjoy.

I’m a retired member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, a Teamster – Local 61, a United Parcel Package Car Driver, and a fellow Veteran. Do your part by registering to vote, and by voting in all elections, I do!

Your vote will make the difference! God Bless.


 Warren D Dupree
Teamster – Local 61

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